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Portfolio Spotlight: Dialed In Gummies

Since Dialed In gummies were launched in 2020, the brand quickly became one of Colorado’s most popular gummy manufacturers. The company is one of the first edibles manufacturers to infuse gummies with rosin, a solventless form of cannabis extract made with pressure and temperature fluctuation instead of extractions made with butane, distillate or carbon dioxide. Consumers typically enjoy rosin edibles because they have a fuller spectrum of cannabis compounds other than only THC.

Dialed In’s formula for success includes collaborating with popular growers and extractors to create unique product formulations. This is just one of the attributes that made Sun Theory so interested in acquiring Dialed In, and is a primary reason the company remains so successful today. Dialed In continues to use this method of sourcing for its starting material, labeling collaborations with esteemed growers and extractors a “cornerstone” of the brand. Sun Theory is extremely proud of this process and vows to uphold Dialed In’s commitment to quality and transparency.

Today, Dialed In can be found in hundreds of Colorado dispensaries – and the company is laying the groundwork for future expansion within the state and elsewhere. Dialed In continues to innovate with new collaborations and a growing product line that finds new cannabis fans every day.


To learn more about Dialed In, visit them online.

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