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Today’s Cannabis Consumer: Who They Are and What Drives Them

In recent years, the landscape of cannabis consumption has undergone a profound transformation. No longer confined to the shadows, cannabis is emerging into the mainstream, attracting a diverse array of consumers. Today, understanding the demographics and motivations of cannabis users is essential for dispensaries and policymakers alike. So, who are today’s cannabis consumers?


Demographics: Not your grandfather’s stoner

Although stereotypes depict cannabis users as predominantly young, the reality is more nuanced. It’s true that young adults continue to make up a significant portion of consumers, but there is a growing presence of older adults, including baby boomers and seniors, exploring cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. In addition, cannabis consumption is becoming increasingly gender-neutral. While historically skewed toward males, there is a noticeable rise in the number of women enjoying cannabis, particularly in wellness and self-care contexts.

Today, cannabis use is no longer confined to specific socioeconomic groups. Consumers come from diverse backgrounds, spanning different income levels, education levels, and professions. And with the legalization wave sweeping across various states and countries, cannabis consumers can be found in both urban and rural areas. However, consumption patterns may vary based on regional regulations and cultural norms.


Why are consumers gravitating toward cannabis?

A significant shift in consumer perception sees cannabis as a wellness aid rather than just a recreational substance. Consumers are turning to cannabis products for managing stress, anxiety, pain, and insomnia, as well as to find natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Of course, many cannabis consumers still partake for recreational purposes, seeking relaxation, euphoria, and social bonding. However, even within this segment, there is a growing awareness of responsible consumption and harm reduction.

Today, legalization efforts and reduced stigma toward cannabis are encouraging many consumers to explore cannabis for the first time or to revisit it after years of abstinence. This trend is fueled by the availability of diverse product options, including edibles like Dialed In gummies, topicals, and tinctures. However, for some the appeal of cannabis consumption is deeply intertwined with cultural identity and community belonging. Whether through cannabis-themed events, social media groups, or advocacy organizations, consumers seek connection and camaraderie within the cannabis community.

Today’s cannabis consumers defy stereotypes and encompass a broad spectrum of demographics, motivations, and consumption patterns. They are informed, discerning, and increasingly demanding quality, safety, and transparency from cannabis brands. As legalization continues to spread and societal attitudes evolve, the profile of cannabis consumers will continue to evolve, presenting both opportunities and challenges for businesses and policymakers alike. Embracing this diversity and understanding the multifaceted nature of cannabis consumption is essential for fostering a thriving and responsible cannabis industry.

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