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2024 Outlook: Sun Theory Positioned to Benefit From 2024 Cannabis Industry Realignment

Sun Theory Holdings leadership is working to evolve the industry from the inside out

The ability to navigate the industry’s rollercoaster of change is THE make-or-break skill for any cannabis operator. Sun Theory Holdings understands that today’s dynamic cannabis industry requires a focus on innovation, solid data-driven management, an ability to prioritize cash flow generation and a never-ending effort to foster leaner, more efficient business operations. As a result, Sun Theory has quietly built a portfolio of businesses driven to deliver the next-generation products, innovation and retail experiences that today’s – and tomorrow’s – cannabis consumers will increasingly demand. Sun Theory is also identifying 2024 acquisitions that will successfully align with its current portfolio of solid growth companies including:

  • Evergreen Naturals cultivation and processing facilities
  • Roots RX recreational dispensary locations in six Colorado mountain ski towns which complement Sun Theory’s other retail holdings
  • Dialed In…Gummies innovative, solventless rosin-based edibles


“We’re looking for founder-led companies with experienced operational teams, innovative products and strong cash flow characteristics,” said Connor Oman, CEO of Sun Theory Holdings. “We see great potential in companies with these assets. We aim to provide the necessary resources that will allow these great teams to continue executing on well-founded, business-driven strategies.”

As the cannabis industry matures, its business operations, professionalism and allure to consumers must evolve. At the end of 2023, this evolution has never seemed more critical. The anticipation that cannabis rescheduling may be on the horizon – and the elimination of 280E it promises – is generating immense excitement for the coming year. In the meantime, numerous new markets have successfully launched or approved adult-use programs, and legal cannabis has never before been so widely supported by U.S. residents. As noted by Forbes, the cannabis industry is poised for an “exciting and bumpy ride” in 2024.

By leveraging skills and experience gleaned from the tech, restaurant, hospitality and retail industries, Sun Theory’s goal is to transform the industry from the inside out through innovative cultivation, data driven product development, and experiential design that will attract the cannabis customers of today and tomorrow.

“Consumers have confirmed with their buying power that cannabis is an important part of their lifestyle,” Oman said. “Research is demonstrating its medical efficacy and people’s own anecdotal evidence is confirming it as well. Innovative product development and creating experiences that help people feel more comfortable with cannabis is going to keep consumers excited in 2024 and maturation of business principles and management will keep well-established brands growing.

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